Laïla Riad Photographe London & Paris


Who am I?

I am a romantic who has always loved weddings. When my own wedding day finally arrived, I had a day that was filled with excitement and happiness. I still have my memories now, of course, but I also have beautiful pictures that I love to look at over and over again. These pictures guided me towards my first vocation - wedding photography. This tangible reminder of my own happiness instilled in me a desire to support other lovers on their wedding day and to capture their special moment for eternity through my lens, the Rock your Love lens.

Then, I became a mum, and since there, I haven't stopped photographing my children. Above all I love their complicity, which is what got me wanting to offer family photo shoots as well.

I love discovering people's lives - photographing not just life but all the small details of daily life - a look shared, an intimate gesture, a teddy bear left on the edge of the couch...

I also love outdoor sessions in the park, a pretty street, the playground... Children sometimes feel more relaxed in front of my lens when we are outside because the space is more open.

Why choose me?

You will trust coverage of your private event to me, which is a big responsibility of course, but in reality this is not all. You will be inviting me into your private sphere and introducing the most important people in your life to me. These are things we may not automatically think about when choosing a photographer, but believe me, without that confidence or connection, a photographer cannot produce pictures in harmony with what you have always wanted.

The importance of meeting

I always want to meet you before I cover your wedding. If we are geographically far apart, we can get in touch via Facetime or Skype or even arrange a Lifestyle session to get to know each other before the big day. Whether we understand each other and get on well is important for both you and for me .

Where ?

I love travelling and discovering new cultures and traditions, so wherever you are in the world, do not hesitate to contact me via my contact page.

And in my camera bag?

Nobody is completely safe from hardware failure. That is why I always carry two body cameras with me, a Canon 5D Mark III and a Canon 5D Mark II. As a professional photographer, I simply couldn't imagine having to tell my clients, "Oh sorry, I cannot deliver your pictures, my camera broke when you said yes..." My investment in quality equipment is a guarantee of reliability and a proof of confidence.

With love